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If I'm honest, which is my goal of this website, I'm Just Not That Girl began because I got really mad at the internet one day.

Like really mad.

I felt stuck.  I wanted to share with the world but felt inadequate.  My feelings of inadequacy came from that dreaded comparison game.  All around me were influencers and celebrities killin it on social media.  I wanted to begin writing again but wondered how I could ever seen in that arena.  I'm not the girl with perfect makeup or hair.  I am not the girl comfortable taking selfies at Target.  I am not the girl who has clothes others emulate or a house fit for a magazine.



I am the girl who is capable of learning, of growing and of figuring out how to reach my goals.  This website is dedicated to all of who are learning, growing and capable of reaching their goals. It is a community for women to be heard, seen and valued.

I believe in self love, self care and self awareness.  I believe in the good of others and I believe we all have magic within us.  I hope this site helps each person who comes to it and contributes to it to THRIVE.